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JVN Bulletin


The Japanese VLBI Network (JVN) is an astronomical VLBI network in East Asia, which was established by the university VLBI collaborative observation project that started in 2005. NAOJ and multiple universities cooperate to operate the radio telescope and VLBI network. The participating universities are Ibaraki University, Tsukuba University, Gifu University, Osaka Prefecture University, Yamaguchi University, and Kagoshima University, with the support of JAXA. The observation frequencies are 6, 8 and 22 GHz, the maximum baseline length is 2300 km, the angular resolution is about 3 milliseconds at 8 GHz, and the baseline sensitivity (Ibaraki-Yamaguchi baseline) at 8 GHz is about 3 mJy. JVN has good angular resolution, sensitivity, and imaging capabilities. JVN will be available when researchers and students belonging to participating universities and research institutes. Researchers who are not related to JVN may be able to use it when conducting joint research with JVN officials.